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Post by Rain on Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:41 pm

General Rules
No flaming or insulting other members, no harassing. Respect everyone on the board, no racist comments, or insulting others' religions. And please refrain from pushing your religion on other members! We do not appreciate this! If we receive a complaint about religion, racist comments or harassment in general, you will be BANNED for 2 weeks.
The site itself is PG rated. (PG-13 includes scary scenes and small fights. Do NOT post sexual/violent content in this forum!)
Trolling is not welcome here. Please note that all Administrators will have access to your IP Address. If you should start an account to troll the site or other members, your troll account AND your main account will be banned, Permanently!
Do not speak in TEXT in this board! It's rude and the other members may not want to read it. This means chat like this:

"Oooomg I herd u guyz liek Octonawtz!!!!"
"lol, u gais r fnny."

In roleplays, try not to post for any characters not owned by you, others might not like it. If you are sharing characters, be sure that it's ok with the other members BEFORE you post it! If you do this without asking, an Admin will remove your post and you will start over.
No killing other characters. Other than this, should you decide that you'd like someone's character, be sure you wait for the outcome to be posted by the other member.
If you play a canon character, try to be as accurate to the real character as possible. No one likes a Marisue.
Keep rotation in mind, if you roleplay with 3 or more other players, wait for everyone to have their turn, or when they say you can reply again. If you need an

1. Player 1
2. Player 2
3. Player 3

Do not take anyone else's turn! If it's your post and it may take you a while to reply, then leave a topic in Announcements as to why you can't reply!
If there is a role play going on and one member is absent for a week or two, and the other members decide to go on without that member, the role play will be LOCKED! No exceptions.
Put effort into your post. Make it be at least 25 words.
If an RP is to be put on HIATUS, all players must count it as a HIATUS RP.
A DISCONTINUED RP will be considered INACTIVE if all players agree.

  • Always have a Parent or a guardian online with you at all times!
  • Please be friendly! Other kids may want to say hi!
  • Please do not be mean to other kids!
  • Don't use any bad words. No one likes a potty mouth. Sad
  • Have fun! I love you

Dear Parents,
WE LISTEN! If you have an inquiry with our website, please contact us! This site is just for fun! We are not MEOMI! This is a fan-forum for all ages. If you find a topic that is offensive or against the rules or if you have an inquiry with our website, please contact us!

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